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Definition: ABEND

ABEND is the acronym for ‘ABnormal END’. It is the error message shown on IBM Operating System for network errors. It is defined as the unexpected failure in the computer’s software. It is not a planned termination.

This unexpected failure causes the system to crash or shut down. In a professional service, an abend can cost a strikingly high amount. Therefore, numerous resources are used to identify bugs and resolve them at initial stages itself. The failure might be caused due to a simple problem such as insufficient memory and it could also be an unidentifiable technical glitch in the software.

The following diagram shows an example of a network error in the Netware network.


The above screen shows a program to recover the system from ABEND issue.

Initially, in the Job Control Language (JCL), the message displayed was ‘ABORT’. This was revised by IBM 360 as ‘ABEND’. This term usually shows up only in IBM mainframes’ computers and not in the more modern versions of computers and laptops.


Hence, this concludes the definition of ABEND along with its overview.

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