Disaster Recovery Planning

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Definition: Disaster Recovery Planning

Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) is a plan for a business to continue in the event of a disaster which destroys the business resources that may include the data records, storage space or even Information Technology equipments. The prime goal of a DRP is resume the normal operations of an organization in as less time as possible.


There are various stages of a DRP:


• Understanding the activities of the organization and the interconnection of resources.

• Analysing the vulnerability of the organization in areas like physical space, equipments, data integrity, operating procedures etc.

• Assessing the effect of a disaster on the various levels of the organization.

• Making a short term recovery plan.

• Developing a long term recovery plan as to how to restore the normal operations of the business and prioritizing the sequence of the functions that are resumed.

• Testing, maintaining and updating the plan as per business requirements.


DR plans provide a step-by-step process for tackling a disruptive event. Procedures should consists of easy-to-use and repeatable processes for recovering damaged IT assets and restoring them to normal operation in the minimum amount of time. If staff relocation is needed to a third-party site or other alternate space, procedures for those activities must be developed as well.


Once the DR plans have been made they should be exercised to determine whether they will recover and restore IT assets as expected or not. Parallelly three additional activities need to be carried out along with recovery plans: a) creating employee awareness, b) training and c) records management.

An example of a DRP is below:


These activities are necessary as they ensure that the employees are aware of DR plans and their responsibilities in a disaster and that the DR members have been trained in their roles and responsibilities in accordance with the plans. Since DR planning generates a significant amount of documentation, records management activities should also be triggered.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Disaster Recovery Planning along with its overview.


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