Data Mart

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Definition: Data Mart

A data mart is generally the subset of data warehouse systems. In other words data mart can be considered as a slice of a data cube which contains data related to a department or a group of departments like sales, finance, marketing etc.

For example if we say data warehouse contains historical data of entire organization, data mart will contain data dedicated to certain division of that organization. In some large organizations each department have their own data marts, along with dedicated softwares and hardware systems.

Generally data mart is created using star schema in which all the fields are related only to a primary key and there is no relations found between two or more fields. There are many advantages of using a data mart. Some of these are:

1. Quick and easy access to frequently used data

2. Lesser response time

3. Easy to create and maintain

4. Lower maintaining cost than full warehouse

5. Less clustered as it contains only limited necessary fields


Hence, this concludes the definition of Data Mart along with its overview.


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