Data Audit

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Definition: Data Audit

Data auditing process is done to check the quality of data. Generally data which is used in analytic purposes or business intelligence purposes is audited to check for faulty data or noisy data. If some kind of noise is found in the available data; the data is cleaned before further processing.

In data audit process the source of data, format of data and data creation process is reviewed to check its utility and value. In every business where data is used to draw business conclusions, data audit is the first and essential step to check for its consistency and usefulness. Cleaner the data, lesser the time and efforts needed to use the data.

Data audit process is a 3 step process:

a) The first step is to classify data in different buckets based on its source.

b) After this each buckets is checked for its quality and usefulness based on certain pre-defined data standards.

c) The last step is error reporting, recommendation on the data and action plan to clean the data to make it useful for further processing.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Data Audit along with its overview.


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