IoT (Internet of Things)

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Definition: IoT (Internet of Things)

The internet of things refers to a network of connected objects which can share information among themselves. For example a watch, microwave, car, washing machine, phone, laptop connecting and sharing the owners data. The devices can also optimize activities among them based on past experiences and owner’s behaviours. An example of such activity can be Google self-driving cars.

IoT infrastructure consists of three things:

a) Devices

b) Communication networks

c) Computing systems that use the data of various systems


The question arises that how different devices are able to communicate and share information? The answer is with the help of sensor technology. Sensors when placed in different devices and connected to a centralized system helps in storing information and sharing it with the centralized system. Various algorithms are run on top of the stored data and based on that predictions and conclusions are drawn.

IoT has got plenty of uses, some of which are:

a) Improved personal health and hygiene systems which can work as a personal doctor by monitoring individuals daily needs and behaviours

b) Intelligent home with connected household devices to optimize time efficiency and also the power usage

c) Intelligent and automated transportation and traffic systems to optimize fuel consumption

d) Smart house electric systems which can save electricity by making efficient use of solar power and optimizing power needs based on outside weather conditions


Hence, this concludes the definition of IoT (Internet of Things) along with its overview.

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