Hybrid Cloud

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Definition: Hybrid Cloud

A hybrid cloud is an integrated technology which utilizes the functionality of both private cloud and public cloud within an organization. Generally the organization uses private cloud for sensitive and confidential information processing and storage while it uses public cloud for non-sensitive information processing.

In hybrid cloud an organization can use some resources build in-house for private cloud and purchase the public cloud or it can go for some cloud service provider which provides the entire customized package. Hybrid cloud is beneficial for businesses having non uniform workloads. For example an e-commerce company may use private cloud to run all its transaction related application, but in festive season when there are significantly more transactions public cloud can be used for providing temporary additional computing resource. Generally public cloud is more flexible and scalable than private cloud, so it is used to handle short term spikes in businesses.

There are many significant advantages of hybrid cloud over public or private cloud configuration. Some of these are flexibility, cost effectiveness, scalability and security. These days many companies like VMWare, Amazon, Google provide hybrid cloud solution.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Hybrid Cloud along with its overview.


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