Private Cloud

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Definition: Private Cloud

In private cloud infrastructures and services are maintained on a private network. It is either handled in-premise or provided by some service provider. Most healthcare, finance, trade, banking, retail and telecommunication organization uses private cloud services to maintain confidentiality for their electronic records.

Generally cloud providers which provide public cloud services provide private cloud services too. A private cloud service provides all the benefits which a public cloud service provides like scalability, easy access and multi-tenancy etc. In addition it also takes care of organization’s transactional security and data security.

This type of cloud service is high on security but low on cost saving. This cloud service is used when organization’s data and application is of prime concern and its security matters the most. There are many private cloud technology providers like Amazon, VMware, Microsoft, Elastra etc. These private cloud services provide secure access by keeping assets within the firewall and maintaining secure access for users who are using this service.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Private Cloud along with its overview.

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