Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

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Definition: Infrastructure as a Service - IaaS

In IaaS the cloud provider maintains the underlying infrastructure of a business like network, storage and the computing resources. It helps users to deploy, run and control various applications like softwares, operating systems, firewalls etc. In IaaS resources are distributed as a service which allows dynamic scaling (resources can be up-scaled or down-scaled as per its use).

In IaaS rather than purchasing servers, softwares and data centres users pay as per their usage of these resources over the internet. Some of the examples of IaaS providers are Amazon EC2, IBM SoftLayer etc.

IaaS is used where the business demand is volatile. It is generally used by new businesses which don’t have enough money to invest in computing resources and hardware. It is not much recommended when highest level of performance is the prime concern of the business.

The above diagram depicts IaaS.

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