Artificial Intelligence

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Definition: Artificial Intelligence

AI is related to the creation of machines that have ability to take decisions of their own. In other words AI makes machines think and act like humans. Some of the examples of AI technology are robotics, speech recognition, online simulated games, neural networks, expert systems etc.

Games Playing: In this computer systems are programmed to play games against human. For example online chess

Natural Language processing: In this human voice is converted to text and is used for different purposes. For example: Google voice search

Robotics: In this robots are programmed to do some of the manual work in different organizations. For example: robots doing a receptionists job

Neural networks: In this systems are developed that can simulate intelligence by connecting neurons similar to brain neurons. It consists of 3 layers namely input layer, hidden layer, output layer. An example of neural network systems is given below:

These days AI is being used in many fields. However a lot more technologies are yet to be developed using artificial intelligence. The reason being complexity of developing such systems and feeding knowledge into such systems so that the system can become robust. Reasoning, planning, natural language processing, backtracking etc. are some of the underlying problems of developing an AI system.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Artificial Intelligence along with its overview.


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