XAAS (Everything as a Service)

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Definition: XAAS (Everything as a Service)

XAAS (Everything as a service) is an umbrella term which includes all type of IT solutions which is delivered as a service. XAAS is a widely used term in cloud computing. These days many startups are using hardware, software, business processes in the form of cloud services. The prime reason being cost efficiency and scalability. Other than this such services are agile, flexible and they are advance in modern technologies.

So it can be said that if IAAS, SAAS, PAAS is delivered together in a package then that is XAAS. These days DaaS (desktop as a service) is a quite popular product, which is nothing but a variant of Xaas. Example of DaaS could be Chrome book which is very recently launched. It includes online Microsoft office package (SaaS), IaaS (virtual desktop environment), cloud storage and many other services over cloud.

XAAS has empowered businesses such that they can have:

• Low entry barriers

• Little or no requirement of up-front capital

• Massive scalability

• Multi-tenancy (sharing of resources)

• Device and Location independence: Services can be enjoyed on any device at any location


Hence, this concludes the definition of XAAS (Everything as a Service) along with its overview.


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