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Definition: Scrum

Scrum is an agile of managing any project. The project is mostly related to software development. Scrum is basically a framework for managing processes involved in projects which change frequently. There is a scrum software development team in place for every project which knows best as to how a problem is to be solved. The development comprises of a series of iterations known as sprints.

The scrum development team does not have a team leader and the distribution of work is decided by the whole team. However there is a scrum master who acts like a mentor to the team. There is also a product owner who represents the client/end users and helps the in the development process. A product backlog exists which contains a list of prioritized features or changes required for the product and a sprint backlog is a list of tasks to be accomplished in a sprint. Each sprint starts with a short meeting (sprint planning meeting) on the project planning scenario and ends with a review. During the meeting the major items are presented on product backlog are presented to the team by the product owner. The scrum team picks up the tasks it can complete within the stipulated deadline and then the work is moved to the sprint backlog team. A daily meeting called the daily scrum is also held during the sprint to help the team stay on track and to set the agenda for each day’s chore. At the end of each sprint a sprint retrospective meeting is also held to analyze how well the scrum is functioning and what are the improvements needed. The scrum team is a cross-functional team which means that everyone has to work from end to end i.e. from an idea suggestion to the implementation of that idea.

Scrum is mostly for people have found work which is unmanageable using defined methods and which involves uncertain requirements combined with unpredictable technology implementation risks. Scrum methodology can be implemented by a wide variety of tools. Some organizations use spreadsheets to maintain scrum artifacts. Some also use scrum without any software tool, maintaining the artifacts in hard-copy format like paper, sticky notes etc.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Scrum along with its overview.


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