Acceptance Testing

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Definition: Acceptance Testing

Acceptance testing is a technique of testing performed to figure out whether or not the software system has met the necessity specifications. The primary purpose behind this test is to assess the software’s systems consistence with the business requirements and confirm that it has met the necessary criteria for delivery to end clients.

Typical forms of acceptance testing include the following:

• User acceptance testing- This type of testing primarily focuses on the functionality of the system thus validating the fitness-for-utilization of it by the business client. Thus it is basically a client acknowledgement test and is performed by the clients and the application managers.

• Operational acceptance testing- Also known as Production acknowledgment test, this type of testing assess whether the framework meets the prerequisites for operation. This is usually performed by the system administration before the release of the system. The operational acceptance test may incorporate testing of restore/backup, calamity recovery, occasional check of security vulnerabilities and maintenance tasks.

• Contract and regulation acceptance testing- In contract acceptance testing, a system is tested against the contract’s acceptance criteria. This is generally done to produce customized software. Similarly in regulation acceptance testing, a system is tested to guarantee it meets the required governmental, legal and safety regulations.

• Alpha and beta testing- Alpha testing takes place at the system developer’s site and is usually tested by the internal employees before releasing it to the external customers. Beta testing on the other hand happens at the client’s destination and includes testing by a group of people who utilize the system at their own areas and give feedback, before the system is released to different customers. It is sometimes referred to as “field testing”.

Acceptance testing can involve chemical tests, physical tests or even performance tests. For example the testing can be performed on a piece of software, manufactured mechanical parts, or even a batch of some chemical product before delivered to the client.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Acceptance Testing along with its overview.

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