Alpha Testing

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Definition: Alpha Testing

Alpha testing is a widely recognized software testing strategy done as a part of software development. It is primarily used by the product development organizations and is usually done at the developer’s site so that they can observe the users and take a note of the problems to the product if any.

Other notable points to alpha testing are:

• Usually when the development of a software/product is about to complete, this testing is done. As a result no major changes can be made but minor design changes can still be made.

• A group within the company that is independent of the design team typically performs this test like the software QA engineers.

• Thus this is a final testing process before the release of the software to the consumers and is generally follows two phases:

o The first phase of alpha testing usually revolves around testing of the software by the in-house developers. The main aim of this process is to find bugs to the software quickly with the help of debugger softwares and hardware assisted debuggers.

o In the second phase of it, the software QA engineer tests it after it is handover to him by the developer team. An environment similar to the intended use of the software is created and then this phase of the alpha testing is done.

Thus, alpha testing is an actual operational testing by an independent test team done at the developer’s site for the last stage improvement to the software by the developer. It can be said that it is a form of internal acceptance testing and is performed before the software goes for the beta testing phase.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Alpha Testing along with its overview.


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