Automated Testing

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Definition: Automated Testing

In contrast to manual testing where the testing is done by a human sitting in front of a computer executing the test steps accordingly, automated testing means utilization of an automation tool to execute the test case suite. The automation software enters test information into the system under test and comes out with a comparison of the expected and the real results creating a detailed test report.

Test Automation requires tools which requires a license to function and thus are costly. Successive development cycles requires execution of same test suite over and again. Utilizing a test automation tool it's conceivable to record this test suite and re-play it as and when needed. When the test suite is automated, no human intercession is required. This enhances the Return of Investment of Test Automation.

The primary objective of Automation testing is to decrease the number of manual test cases to be run and not take out manual testing all together.

Automated testing is vital due to the following reasons:

• Manual Testing of all work processes, all fields , every negative situation is time consuming and expensive

• It is hard to test for multi lingual locales manually

• Human intervention is not required in Automation and thus test can be run unattended

• Automation increases the pace of test execution

• Test Coverage also increases with test automation

• Manual Testing can be very boring at times and consequently error prone

Test cases to be automated can be selected using the following criterion to increase the automation ROI:

• Business critical test cases associated with high risk

• Test cases which are to be executed repeatedly

• Test cases which are hard to perform manually and very tiresome

• Test cases which consumes much time

Hence, this concludes the definition of Automated Testing along with its overview.

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