Black Box Testing

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Definition: Black Box Testing

Black Box testing is a product testing technique in which the functionality of the software under test (SUT) is tested without looking at the inner code structure, execution points of interest and learning of inner paths of the product. This type of testing is primarily for checking software requirements and specifications. Thus focus is on inputs and outputs in this type of testing and not the internal code implementation.

The test steps carried out in any type of Black Box testing are:

• The requirements and specifications are examined initially

• Valid inputs or positive test scenarios and also some invalid inputs or negative test conditions are chosen by the tester to examine whether the software under test can detect them or not

• Then expected outputs for all the given inputs are determined by the tester

• With some selected inputs the software tester constructs test cases

• Then the test cases are executed

• Then the actual outputs are compared to the expected outputs by the software tester

• Defects are then fixed and retested.

There are different types of Black Box testing but the most prominent ones are as follows:

• Functional Testing- Functional requirements to a system are primarily tested by the software testers in this type of testing

• Non-functional Testing- This is basically a black box testing which is not related to a particular functionality but performance, scalability, usability aspect of non-functional requirements are generally tested

• Regression Testing- This type of black box testing is done after code fixes, redesigns or some other framework maintenance to check the new code has not affected the current code.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Black Box Testing along with its overview.

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