Bottom Up Testing

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Definition: Bottom Up Testing

Bottom up testing is methodology, where the lower level modules are tested first and on their successful testing, the modules above them are tested and henceforth. Hence the testing happens from the bottom to the top going upwards.

It is actually an integration type of testing where individual software modules are formed a group and then tested on a whole. It is usually done before system testing and after unit testing where modules that have already been unit tested are taken as an input.

Then they are grouped in large aggregates and the testing takes place according to a test plan. Finally the output is delivered which is ready for system testing.


In this method, first the modules at the bottom are tested one by one. Once these are tested successfully, then individual testing is done of the modules above them. As per the diagram the components 4, 5, 6 and 7 are initially tested and then components 2 and 1 such that if there is any error we can understand the error is at which component of the framework.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Bottom Up Testing along with its overview.

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