Data Driven Testing (DDT)

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Definition: Data Driven Testing (DDT)

Data driven testing (DDT) is a term which is generally used as a part of the testing of softwares to portray testing done utilizing a table of conditions directly as test inputs and outputs which are verifiable and in addition the procedure where test environment settings and control are not hard-coded. Basically the tester supplies the inputs from a row in the table and the outputs are expected which occurs in the same line. The table commonly contains values which relate to limiting or participation input spaces. In the control approach, test arrangement is "read" from a database.

Taking a methodology overview, data-driven testing is the making of test scripts where test information and/or outputs are read from information documents or data files as opposed to utilizing the same hard-coded values every time the test runs. Similarly testers can test how the application handles different inputs successfully.

It can be any of the beneath data files.

• Data pools

• Excel files

• ADO objects

• CSV files

• ODBC sources

The above diagram describes data driven testing.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Data Driven Testing (DDT) along with its overview.

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