Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

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Definition: Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)

A metropolitan area network (MAN) is a system that interconnects users with computer resources in a geographic zone or district bigger than that secured by even a vast neighborhood (LAN) however smaller than the range secured by a wide territory system (WAN). The term is connected to the interconnection of systems in a city into a solitary larger system (which might then additionally offer proficient association with a wide area network). It is additionally used to mean the interconnection of a few neighborhood by crossing over them with spine lines. The latter usage is likewise infrequently alluded to as a campus network.

Cases of metropolitan region systems of different sizes can be found in the metropolitan regions of London, England; Lodz, Poland; and Geneva, Switzerland. Huge colleges additionally at times utilize the term to portray their systems. A latest pattern is the establishment of remote MANs.

A MAN is perfect for some kinds of system clients in light of the fact that it is a medium-size system. MANs are utilized to assemble systems with high data connection speeds for urban communities and towns.

The working system of a MAN is like an Internet Service Provider (ISP), yet a MAN is not possessed by a solitary association. Like a WAN, a MAN gives shared system associations with its clients. A MAN for the most part takes a shot at the information connection layer, which is Layer 2 of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model.

Disseminated Queue Dual Bus (DQDB) is the MAN standard indicated by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) as IEEE 802.6. Utilizing this standard, a MAN stretches out up to 30-40 km, or 20-25 miles.

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