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Definition: Stub

A method stub or just stub in software development is a bit of code used to remain in for some other programming usefulness. A stub may reproduce the conduct of existing code, (for example, a method on a remote machine) or be a transitory substitute for yet-to-be-created code. Stubs are along these lines most valuable in porting, disseminated registering and general programming improvement and testing.

A sample of a stub in pseudo code may be as per the following:


Temperature= ThermometerRead (Outside)

IF Temperature > 40 THEN





BEGIN ThermomoterRead (Source insideOrOutside)


END ThermomoterRead


The above pseudocode uses the capacity ThermometerRead, which gives back a temperature. While ThermometerRead would be expected to peruse some equipment gadget, this capacity as of now does not contain the essential code. So ThermometerRead does not, fundamentally, reenact any procedure, yet it does give back a lawful quality, permitting the principle system to be in any event somewhat tried and tested. Additionally take note of that despite the fact that it acknowledges the parameter of sort Source, which figures out if inside or outside temperature is required, it doesn't utilize the genuine quality passed (contention insideOrOutside) by the guest in its rationale.

A stub is a standard that doesn't really do something besides announcing itself and the parameters it acknowledges and returning something that is typically the qualities expected in one of the "upbeat situations" for the guest. Stubs are utilized generally as placeholders for usage of a known interface, where the interface is concluded/known yet the execution is not yet known/settled. The stub contains simply enough code to permit it to be incorporated and connected with whatever remains of the project. In RMI terminology, a stub imparts on the server-side with a skeleton.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Stub along with its overview.

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