Top-Down Testing

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Definition: Top-Down Testing

Top-down integration testing is a coordination testing system utilized as a part of request to reenact the lower's conduct level modules that are not yet coordinated. Stubs are the modules that go about as makeshift trade for a called module and give the same yield as that of the genuine item.

The trade for the "called" modules is known as "Stubs" and is likewise utilized when the product needs to connect with an outer framework.

The above graphs clearly expresses that Modules 1, 2 and 3 are accessible for incorporation, while, beneath modules are still a work in progress that can't be coordinated right now of time. Henceforth, Stubs are utilized to test the modules. The request of Integration will be:

1, 2

1, 3

2, Stub 1

2, Stub 2

3, Stub 3

3, Stub 4

At first, integration between modules 1, 2 and 3 are tested

Then the integration between module 2 and stub 1, stub 2

Finally the integration between the module 3 and stub 3, stub 4 are tested.


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