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Definition: Broadband

Broadband is one of the most commonly used words in today’s tech savvy world. It is used synonymously with Internet and generally means high speed internet connectivity. Broadband is primarily related to the telecommunication industry.

A high capacity transmission technique to transmit/send/transfer large amount of information by using various frequencies simultaneously.

The information transferred can be data, voice, or video. The data is mixed with a carrier frequency and then the resultant signal is transferred through either co-axial cable or fiber optic cable. Different frequencies have different refractive index with respect to glass fiber. The frequencies travel inside the fiber by using the principle of total internal reflection. As it is in the form of light rays, the speed of transmission is the speed of light. Hence it is the fastest means of data transmission and is capable of having high data transfer rate with less distortions and less data loss.

Broadband speed is usually much higher than dial-up connection speed. Any transmission channel having bit rate higher than 1.5 to 2 Mbit/second is used for broadband connection. In 2015, the rule to qualify as Basic Broadband in U.S.A. was to have 25Mbit/second download speed (from the Internet to user computer) and 3Mbit/second as upload speed (from user computer to the Internet).

The current technological advancements have resulted into ‘Wireless Broadband’. This technology provides high speed internet access without the use of wires over a large area. It does not require laying underground cables. Instead it has repeaters at certain distances so as to keep the speed constant over the whole covered area. Wireless broadband has a fixed spectrum linked to it. Mobile broadband is a type of Wireless broadband.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Broadband along with its overview.


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