Bleeding Edge

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Definition: Bleeding Edge

Bleeding edge refers to a technology that has been released but is not ready for the general public because of the fact that it has not been tested reliably. It suggests that a greater degree of risk is involved for the consumer who adopts it. This risk could be from uncaught problems, limited support, compatibility issues etc.

Technology that is acquired immediately after its release, regardless of the risk involved or increased cost. Bleeding edge is most popular among early adopters and innovators, and is often seen as a term related to "leading edge" and "cutting edge."

For example a bleeding edge would be the new smartphones for which people take a day off from work and stand in line-ups. After purchase, there may be some major problems, limited support and fewer applications. Bleeding edge was Apple’s iPhone 4 for many users and it came with certain risks that include some operation glitches and an antenna issue. These issues are usually resolved within some months of release of bleeding edge technology.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Bleeding Edge along with its overview.

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