Push Technology

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Definition: Push Technology

Push Technology is a communication system in the internet where the transaction request is generated by the central web server or publisher. Push technology is the opposite of pull technology, where the request is made by the user. 

Push, as the name implies, means sending data to a client. It is related to the server push, where we can push selected news or stock quotes into a user’s computer whenever we want. It is opposite of the pull when the user himself asks for a particular data. E.g.: Downloading a web page is an example of pull technology.

Marketing companies use this a lot so that they can create awareness among the customers about their products. Email and calendar updates are also types of push technology.

E.g.: You open Flipkart or Paytm looking for certain items. When you open Facebook, you will see them in the advertisement on the right side of the page as these companies use analytics to push their items.

Push is automatic, pull requires a request. Cloud services and automatic updates in smartphones is also push technology as it keeps the users data on cloud in sync.

Advantages of push technology are

1. Instant service

2. Efficient

Hence, this concludes the definition of Push Technology along with its overview.


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