Enterprise Application Integration

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Definition: Enterprise Application Integration

Enterprise application integration (EAI) is using technology and services for the complete enterprise to enable the process of integration of software and hardware systems. Enterprise application integration (EAI) provides solution to many proprietary and open projects. EAI is related a lot of technologies, some of these are middleware technologies, service-oriented architecture, web service integration, content integration and business processes.

The internal communication between different enterprise applications (EA) like supply chain management, customer relationship management and business intelligence are not completely automated. Due to this reason the EA are incapable to share the common business rules or data. Thus, the main challenge and work of EAI is to automate the entire processes of business without using intensive application or data structure modifications.

The major challenges faced by EAI are:

• Differentiated operating systems , computer languages and database architectures

• In conditions where legacy systems are not supported by the original manufactures

EAI has the ability to tackle these challenges by following these important three steps:

• Data Integration: It is responsible for assuring that the information is consistent across multiple systems

• Vendor Independence: Since these systems are vendor independent there is no need to re-implement the rules and business policies if a brand application is replaced by another brand

• Common Facade: Due to this ability the users are not forced to adopt to new applications because of consistent software application access interface

The advantages of EAI are:

• Access to information real time

• Processes are streamlined

• More efficient access to information

• Multiple transfer of data and information

• Development and maintenance is easy


Hence, this concludes the definition of Enterprise Application Integration along with its overview.

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