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Definition: Interleaving

Interleaving can be defined as a method to make more data retrieval more efficient and fast by renumbering or rearranging the sectors on a hard disk. It can also be done by splitting a hard disk into various sectors so that the sectors and sections can be read in alternate cycles.

It is basically done to improve the overall performance by storing the sequential data into non sequential sectors which can be read into alternate cycles. Interleaving was a very common practice in floppy disks where it was done to match the timing difference between the time when computer was ready to transfer the data and when data is actually arriving. It faded from practice after 1990 since the time processing speeds increase manifold. Modern disks used today are not interleaved.

In interleaving sectors are arranged in the most efficient way possible. The disk can access one sector at one time. By the time, it will be ready to read next sector, the disk may have already rotated beyond past it. If sector are arranged in a sequence, it would require full rotation to come back to sector. Instead if the sectors are staggered, it will be more efficient to read the sectors.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Interleaving along with its overview.


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