Demand Signal Repository (DSR)

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Definition: Demand Signal Repository (DSR)

Demand signal Repository is a database that is designed to manage and organize demand data. The demand data such as inventory, sales, distributors, wholesalers , customer demand, insights, forecast etc is organised using DSR. These data insights can help to make sense of the entire retail data and use it for more efficient management.

The DSR database stores the information in a particular format that will allow for easy retrieval and transmission of information so that users can quickly and accurately search the database to identify what is selling where it is selling  when and how it is selling. Identifying Out-of-Stock's (OOS's) is a requirement and using that data to apply predictive analytics is where the applications actually will leverage Point of sale (POS) within their  model to help to identify both current and potential impact.

With the correct architecture, a Demand signal Repository will grow according to the business needs. It will be used across multiple business groups including category management, supply chain management, inventory management, promotional and event management, sales, marketing, etc.


A food and beverage manufacturer, for example, can use Demand Sign Repository data (POS, store inventories, shipments from retail DCs) to become more demand driven by making its replenishment process more responsive to what is actually selling in a grocery chain’s stores.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Demand Signal Repository (DSR) along with its overview.

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