Data Transformation Services (DTS)

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Definition: Data Transformation Services (DTS)

Data Transformation Services (DTS) is a set of groups and functions which are used to perform various operations such as takeout information, convert and upload different kinds of operations to or from databases. DTS is generally coupled with Microsoft SQL Server databases.

They basically automate the operations mentioned above i.e. extract, transform and load operations. These are just logical components within DTS and every DTS component is a subset of the packages. These are basically triggered when any user alters data using these DTS packages. These packages also hold connection objects which allow packages to access and read the data from the object linking and embedding database popularly known as OLE-DB compliant sources.

There are basically three tools within the SQL server, namely:

• DTS Wizards

• DTS Designer

• DTS Programming Interface

DTS also converts and loads data from different and heterogeneous sources like free source or open source connectivity or files which are text only into compatible databases. The automation function mentioned functions on a scheduled basis apart from the external functions it performs. DTS also allows version control and backup options when paired along with different version control systems.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Data Transformation Services (DTS) along with its overview.

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