Employee Self Service (ESS)

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Definition: Employee Self Service (ESS)

Employee Self-Service (ESS) is defined as a web based application or platform that provides employees of a specific company to access it own information and credentials on an internet platform of the company. It allows the employee to update information such as bank details, contact address and next to kin.  ESS gives the employees the luxury to file for leave application and for certain trainings which can be conducted online such as Company ethics policies or policies regarding harassment at workplace.

ESS can be accessed over the companies Intranet or in a secured ASP service. ESS tries to integrate the companies Human Resource Management and closely aligns it with improved technology.

Now, a recent wave of ESS had shifted the spotlight from only efficiency based platform towards engaging employees and managers of the company to take additional responsibility for their required jobs and development in the future. Certain examples include skills profiles, learning, objective settings, career planning, and appraisals which includes more analytics solution which are increasingly popularizing certain ESS applications

Hence, this concludes the definition of Employee Self Service (ESS) along with its overview.


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