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Definition: UDDI

Universal Description Discovery and Integration UDDI is a protocol which is central to group of related standards comprising the web services stack. It defines a standard way of publishing and identifying the network-based software parts of a SOA (service oriented architecture).It is platform-independent and based on XML (extensible markup language).

Using the technique, companies can make them available over the internet through the registry and can even discover other companies with web service applications. It is an open-source provided by the organization for the Advancement of Structured Information Standards (OASIS).

A UDDI business registration consists of following parts:

1) White pages/basic information- these give the information-names, contacts, addresses about the companies providing the service.

2) Yellow pages/categorization- it classifies the service being provided by the company.

3) Green pages/technical data- this explains the way to access the web service being provided.

UDDI recognizes the realities of B2B transactions and presents itself as the infrastructure for web services. The entry in an UDDI registration is basically an XML document which consists of elements like business Entity, business Service, binding Template etc.

Hence, this concludes the definition of UDDI along with its overview.


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