Enterprise Application

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Definition: Enterprise Application

An ‘Enterprise Application’ or ‘Enterprise Software’ or ‘Enterprise Application Software (EAS)’ is the nomenclature conferred to basically describe applications or software that are usually employed by enterprises or large business organisations to solve their’ enterprise’level problems.

‘Enterprise’ level problems are those problems faced by huge business organisations, which are too large and too complex for individual levels or small businesses. Hence, the corresponding software or application employed is also aligned to solving similarly complex problems of the organisational level; and is used in organizations, such as conglomerate businesses, multinational companies (MNCs) or government, as opposed to the software used by small businesses and individuals.

The enterprise software is a large software platform so designed as to integrate all aspects of the business operations and processes across functions such as accounting, finance, sales and marketing, human resources, production, inventory control, quality control and resource planning. Advanced enterprise applications provide linkages with external entities like clients, distributors and vendors.Enterprise applications are hosted so as to simultaneously provide services to a multitudes of users or licensees.

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