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Definition: Concurrency

Concurrency is a property of a system in which several programs run in parallel in real-time. However, in reality these programs are not running simultaneously, but are sharing time and taking turns to be processed by the process. But the user feels that there is concurrent execution of these programs. When more than one program is being simultaneously run on a system, these programs interact with each other in a peculiar pattern; divide the processor time into slots and get processed in a particular sequence. A scheduler allocates time to each program and ends a task when a program has used its timeslot.This is also known as multitasking. There are several issues associated with concurrency such as blocking, race condition, deadlock, etc.


Eg – Internet is the best example of concurrency.Millions of users use the internet for so many purposes at the same time.


Another example could be when a user is working on MS word and at the same time he is downloading a song from the internet.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Concurrency along with its overview.


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