Statechart Diagrams

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Definition: Statechart Diagrams

Statechart diagrams are used to depict different states of a system. The basic requirement is that the system should have a finite number of states. These statecharts not only represent the states but also the transition between them. Statechart has a state machine which defines different states of a system. These states may be affected by internal or external events.

Thus statechart diagrams are used for modelling reactive systems. There may be a start and end state and some intermediate states.A transition depicts when an object can shift focus from one state to another. Statecharts can also depict the cross-functional state diagrams, with each machine in the cross-functional diagram undergoing a transition without affecting the other.A state can have one of these four actions – on entry, on exit, do, on event.

This is a simple example of a statechartdigram.

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