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Definition: CORBA

CORBA or Common Object request broker architecture, is a frame work or and architecture that enables the user to have objects or smaller sub programs to communicate with each other, without worrying about the platform or the programming languages that the programs were created on, or the Operating system they are running on. CORBA has standard mapping between different programming languages and lets programs communicate using interface definition language, and there are non-standard mapping that can be created on the Interface definition language to help communicate between programs coded on non-standard mapping that is not inbuilt or made into CORBA.

CORBA was developed by an industry consortium called Object management group (OMG) and was released in October 1991 as CORBA version 1.0.

There are a number of problems and criticisms that CORBA faces:

  1. Issues with implementation and compatibility
  2. Issues in transparency of the locations of the sub-programs
  3. No established process and no problem tackling methodology
  4. Problems with the implementation
  5. Firewall issues and concerns

Hence, this concludes the definition of CORBA along with its overview.


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