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Definition: Wiki

Wiki is a software that lets people to modify web page content using any web browser and simple markup language while collaborating with others. This helps in content creation even by non-technical everyday users.

Wiki is a Content Management System where content is created without a defined leader and little implicit structure unlike blogs. They can be used for community websites, intranet, internal documentation, project management, knowledge management etc. Control over various functions can also be implemented, for e.g.  permit can be imposed to only organize content.  A single page in the wiki website is called a ’wiki page’ whereas a collection of pages connected by hyperlinks is ‘the wiki’. The first wiki software was developed by Ward Cunningham in 1994 to connect computer programmers to each other called WikiWikiWeb. Wiki in Hawaiian language means fast or quick.

For example Wikipedia is a Wiki website run by MediaWiki software. This is an example of a public wiki which can be usually read and edited by anyone. Enterprise wikis are used by organizations to support internal knowledge sharing and Personal wikis are used by individual users.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Wiki along with its overview.


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