Pair Programming

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Definition: Pair Programming

When two programmers work together on the same computer on the same set of requirements, algorithm, design, code, or test. This collaborative work affects leads to an increase in the quality of the work rather than their individual joint efforts.

It’s not about dividing the tasks, for example one does implementation and other does testing. Rather all the tasks are shared among both the partners. It works best with talented and smart professionals.

The underlying fact remains that “Two heads are better than one”.


  • Product Quality improves (scientifically proven)
  • Time Reduction(about half the time)
  • Confidence of programmers improves(almost 96% people)
  • Enjoyment in work (almost 92% people) increases programmer satisfaction
  • Enhances Team Building due to pair rotation
  • Enhanced learning from peers


  • More chances of time lapse
  • Need to know the pair
  • Co-ordination skills required
  • Ego’s and disagreements might arise

Working is based on:

  • Pair-Pressure
  • Pair Learning
  • Pair-Reviews
  • Pair-Think
  • Pair-Relaying


Method of programming in Agile methodology of Extreme Programming (XP).

Hence, this concludes the definition of Pair Programming along with its overview.


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