Database Management System DBMS

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Definition: Database Management System DBMS

A Database Management System (DBMS) is a set of programs that enables a user to store modify and edit or extract data from a database. It is an application that enables the interaction between the user and the data. These applications can be designed in such a manner to run efficiently on personal computers to even mainframes. DMBS helps manage large amounts of data efficiently. In case of a multi-user based data, a DBMS helps the data to be continuously available in the stated manner and also control the security by allowing only the people with access to use it.

DBMS has its advantage by helping reduce storage space of data by reducing redundancy, providing backup, sharing data and helping avoid inconsistency. However high cost of DBMS and the amount of disk space taken by it can be a disadvantage. For Example in a college separate databases would be required by library, administration, and mess and admission office.

The use of database management system would help create a central database which could be accessed by different department based on the accessibility define in the application. The rules enabled in the application would allow a department to have access only to a few parameters of the central database. By doing so a lot of space is saved as redundancy is avoided. Say the mess needs only roll number and email id and administration needs roll number, email id and address and telephone. So in this case all the data can be stored in the central database and rules can be defined such that mess can access only the roll number and email id.

Example of a few existing DBMS are MySQL, SAP, Oracle, dBase. IBM’s IMS (Information Management System) was one of the first database management system.


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