Digital Dashboard

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Definition: Digital Dashboard

Due to the advent of World Wide Web and other digital forms of information, we have access to large volumes of data which causes information overload. Digital Dashboard is an Active Server page (ASP) which is used to create simpler web parts.

Digital Dashboard is a container which provides consolidated information. It is a web-page containing one or more web-parts.

A web-part is a module, or individual object containing Extensible Markup Language (XML), HTML, VB Script, Java Script. When we load the dashboard, the web-parts are displayed.

We can also set the permissions while creating a dashboard, so that users can have control over the dashboard’s content.

You can create a digital dashboard using any of three developers mentioned below:

  • Using the Digital Dashboard Resource Kit
  • Using Microsoft Office XP Developer
  • Using a SharePoint Portal Server

In an organization, Digital Dashboard can be used to provide in-depth analysis of business along with consolidated information across the organization. It can also show trends, activities, department structure, key performance indicators, etc.

Or in other words, Digital Dashboard is a graphical representation or a real time user-interface of the organization’s trends and activities.


  • Detailed analysis can be done by managers
  • Identify and remove inefficiencies
  • Overall visibility of the system
  • Saves time due to a single consolidated report
  • Managers can make informed decisions (business intelligence)

Hence, this concludes the definition of Digital Dashboard along with its overview.

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