Bulletin board system (BBS)

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Definition: Bulletin board system (BBS)

The BBS is a communication tool primarily used in corporate world and is similar to intranet which facilitates the messing, mail and a platform for online discussion forum as an individual and also a group function. It is computer system running software through which a user can log in and access the main system through terminal software and can also use it for uploading or downloading files/software apart from networking functions. BBS is generally an email and conferencing based system and is open to all community legal centres (CLCs) and its employees and is provided by National Association of Community Legal Centres (NACLC).


NACLC provides each of the employees with a free BBS account in order to access individual folder or conference, mailbox and serves a forum to post important discussions and notices to a large group of people. It is usually monitored by a BBS administrator and has variety of enhanced features like group calendar etc.

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