Data Warehouse

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Definition: Data Warehouse

Data warehouse or Enterprise data warehouse normally refers to a database that is used for reporting and data analysis. It is a combination of many different databases in the company across the enterprise. It is normally created by collating data and relevant information from different separate departments and thus facilitates in easier decision making.

The data warehouse usually store both current as well as historic data collated from the different domains like finance, accounting, sales, operations etc. The typical data warehouses use staging, data integration and access layers in order to house the different functions.


• Collate data from different functions in a single repository so that data retrieval is easier

• Consistent presentation of organization’s data and information

• Restructuring the company data that adds value to the business users

• Improving the quality of the data and maintain data history

• Provide a single data model and format for all the company’s data

• Presents a highly coherent picture of the company’s business condition at a particular point in time

The development of the Data warehouse involves developing systems to extract data from the operating systems and also the installation of a warehouse database system. The data warehouse environment usually include

• Sourcing systems providing the data

• Data integration technologies and processes

• Architectures for data storage

• Different tools and applications for users

• Metadata, governance processes etc.

Normally authorized employees of the company have the ability to access the data from the warehouse and also to export the data to other software programs and work on them locally.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Data Warehouse along with its overview.

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