Use Case

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Definition: Use Case

Use case refers to a set of steps that defines the interaction between a role and the corresponding system in order to achieve a goal. In systems and software engineering, use cases are used to represent mission and stakeholder goals. It is mainly used to identify, simplify, clarify and organize system requirements. It has a set of elements that when interact with each other will have an effect that is greater than the effect of the individual elements. It includes all the activities that are of significance to the users.

The use case has the following three components.

• Actors: Those who interact with the system

• System: Includes the functional requirements specifying the intended behavior of the system

• Goal: The ultimate goals of the system, actor and stakeholders

The main benefits of a use case are listed below

• It organizes all the functional requirements and objectives

• It is a multi-level representation involving functionalities from other use-cases

• Presents the goals and objectives of the system, user or stakeholder

Use cases are used in different phases of the product development like in the planning, requirement analysis, design formulation, design validation, testing the product etc. The steps involved in the creation of the use case are

i) identifying the actors in the system

ii) creating a user profile for each category of users

iii) identifying the goals of the individual users

iv) creating use cases for each type of goals

v) structuring the use cases vi) reviewing and validating the use cases.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Use Case along with its overview.


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