Denial of Service

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Definition: Denial of Service

Denial of Service is a type of attack on a network that is designed to make the network unavailable to the legitimate users by disrupting or suspending the services temporarily. Consider the situation, while placing an order for a pizza, the customer dials the number of a restaurant.

If multiple customers call the same restaurant over and over again placing orders that they did not even want, it would cause the telephone line of the restaurant to jam, making services unavailable to actual customers, causing the kitchen to shut down temporarily. The Denial of Service attacks are similar to this situation but occurs over a network of systems, websites, mails etc. Although the attack does not result in the loss of security and theft of information, it results in loss of time and money due to unavailability of services.

Some of the common DoS attacks are:

1. Buffer Overflow Attack

2. SYN Flood Attack

3. Smurf Attack

4. Teardrop Attack


Hence, this concludes the definition of Denial of Service along with its overview.


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