PERT Diagram

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Definition: PERT Diagram

PERT is abbreviation for Programme Evaluation and Review Technique. It is a tool which is used to analyze the tasks involved in a project and determine the completion time for a project using statistical tools.

PERT diagram is a pictorial representation of the project activities showing the sequence of tasks to be performed. It contains information like: activity duration, start and finish time, the slack that can be taken by activities. The chart can be used to determine the critical path to complete the project within schedule.

PERT diagram can be used to plan and track projects. It helps us identify the activities which can be carried out in parallel to ensure project completion on time. However, PERT diagram indicates task dependency (i.e which task follows the other) but does not indicate resource dependencies i.e the requirement of multiple tasks on the same resources. Software like MS Project can be used to generate PERT diagrams for a project.


Hence, this concludes the definition of PERT Diagram along with its overview.


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