Cause Marketing

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Definition: Cause Marketing

Cause Marketing is a form of marketing where a brand or its parent company aligns some of its activities with a social cause while trying to create mutual collaboration between generating business and the resultant social benefits. Cause Marketing should not be confused with some other forms of marketing like Social Marketing or Corporate Philanthropy. While social marketing aims at bringing about a change in the behaviour of society, corporate philanthropy refers to financial grants and aids given by companies to certain causes.

In cause marketing, many a times, a for-profit organisation collaborates with a non-profit organisation for advancing the efforts of the non-profit organisation towards a cause and the marketing objectives of the for-profit organisation. Cause marketing leads to several benefits including revenue generation, creating awareness and gaining support- both financial as well as logistic from the people the communication is targeted at.

The latest example of cause marketing has been the extremely popular ALS Ice Bucket Challenge. It involved dumping a bucket of iced water on one’s head to promote awareness of the ALS disease and encourage people to donate for this cause. The person who dumped the bucket on his head, then nominated three other people to do the same, thereby creating a chain reaction. The campaign became a worldwide phenomenon and was hugely successful leading to enormous amount of donation for the cause and roping in big names including Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Actors and common public.

P&G Shiksha, ITC Classmate, Half-Marathons organised by Airtel, Vodafone are all some examples of cause marketing done by big players in the industry.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Cause Marketing along with its overview.

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