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Definition: Cume

Acronym for Cumulative Audience, Cume is the estimated number of distinct individuals or households exposed to (or reached by) an advertising medium, either print or broadcast or both, over a specified period of time. Other terms for cume are cumulative reach, accumulated audience and net unduplicated audience.

It is a common term used in the radio and television broadcasting industry. The number of different people who listen to a particular radio channel for at least 5 minutes during a specified daypart, is called cume. The cume estimate expressed as a percentage of estimated population is called Cume Rating. The percentage of cumulative audience that also listened to another radio channel or watched another TV network is called Cume Duplication.

The total number of people or households tuned to a particular Radio channel or TV network at the same time on different days of a week, is called Horizontal Cume. It can also refer to the audience of two different broadcasts in the same time slot on successive days. An increase in horizontal cume indicates a growing audience leading to increased revenue generated through advertising. Similarly, Vertical cume refers to the cumulative rating or cumulative audience for two or more TV programs and radio broadcasts on the same day.

It refers to the total number of individual consumers of a company over a specified period. It is the number of individuals or households reached by advertisement over a period of time. This is usually used in radio where cume is the total number of individuals who tune to a radio station on a day part for at least five minutes.

Cume rating is the the ration of the number of audience for the radio to the total population of the locality. It refers to the percentage of people listening to the radio from the region analyzed.

(Cume persons/population) * 100= cume rating %

For Example: Cumulative audience should be higher than average audience, Suppose X attracted an average audience of 194,000 / 24% of 15-29 year olds, yet had

a cumulative audience of 200,700 / 26%.

The difference between average audience and cume can represent loyalty and popularity of the programme.


This can also be called as ‘Reach’

Hence, this concludes the definition of Cume along with its overview.

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