Article Marketing

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Definition: Article Marketing

Article marketing is a form marketing/advertisement in which companies/businesses write articles about their products, services, their company and their core competencies. The basic purpose of article marketing is to promote their business, increase awareness and to give users some knowledge based contents.


There are two types of article marketing:

1. Traditional article marketing

2. Online Article marketing


Online Article Marketing

In this form of article marketing, article and contents are strategically placed on the internet, mainly in article directories to promote product, services and companies.

It is a simple, cost effective tool that helps in multiple ways:

• Improve organic search, page rank and helps to attract incoming link to the website.

• Increase targeted traffic to the site that often leads to sales

• Reputation building, awareness, and spreading knowledge based contents that subtly puts your firm in the consideration set of users without actually promoting your product

Traditional Article marketing

It used print media basically newspapers and magazines as a medium of article marketing. It is not very popular now because of the advantages that online medium provides like real time interaction, low cost and high reach.



Online shopping company Myntra has its own article directory or blog called “Look Good” in which they educate users and give them advices regarding fashion.


The whole concept of article marketing is to generate interest among users in your website and establish credibility among your target market.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Article Marketing along with its overview.


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