Catalog Price

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Definition: Catalog Price

Catalog Price is the published price that is present in the catalog of goods and services of a company. It is also called the public price. Catalog price reflects prices on unit basis. It helps buyers in comparing price of the products from other companies, and helps sellers in providing good services to the customers.

Final Price of a good or service consists of 3 components:

1. Catalog Price

2. Ancillary Cost

3. Discounts

Catalog Price is the stated price in the catalog of the company.

Ancillary cost consists of shipping cost, handling cost and taxes etc.

Discount are a certain percentage of the catalog price that is deducted to obtain the price of the product.

Final price= catalog price – Discounts + Ancillary cost


If the cost of a book is 100 rupees. Discount being provided is 5%. Shipping cost is 10 rupees.

Final price of the book will be= 100 – 5/100*100 + 10= 105 rupees.


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