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Definition: Advergame

Advergame is the process where video games are specifically used for advertising. It is used to advertise the products, idea, brand or anything related to the company. These companies produce or sponsor video games to promote a product or service. With the growth of the internet, advergames have become famous becoming the most important aspect of brand websites and is part of brand positioning planning and brand strategy. They promote repeat traffic to websites ie gamers come to play the game an also they invite their friends to participate which will lead to word of mouth marketing making the website popular

In India many movies have used this strategy. Eg RaOne

Some advergames are created by a company with the main aim of promoting the product and hence is distribution for free to everyone. This will enhance the popularity of the product. Other times, the game which has the product features or ads of the product may be made popular and this game will be sponsored by the company.

There are three general groupings for advergames.

First, the game is put in the website so that people come to the website for the game and the product gets popularized.

The second type is where a video game is made with the product as a base and sold as a game to be played on PC or play stations. The video game is separate but it will still have the theme of the product.

The third type is product placement where the product or ad is part of the game. The product is shown in the game as a main part or accessory part.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Advergame along with its overview.

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