Behavioral Data

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Definition: Behavioral Data

Behavioral data are all types of data collected about an individual behavior for marketing purposes. In digital marketing , the data are mainly collected online but it can also originate from offline too.

The data includes customers’ buying habits, brand preference, product usage, the way they respond to the products, usage, loyalty etc

Some kinds of online behavioral data are:


Behavioral data is used for behavioral targeting while doing segemntation of customers. This information is used in promotional campaigns to attract customer s easily.

Behavioral data can be used for ad targeting and online personalization. It can be tied to unidentified individuals or to anonymous profiles. The goals is usually to identify interests or to know at what stage of the purchase journey is a consumer.

In advertising context, behavioral data add value to ad inventories and ad impressions on ad-exchanges. At a website level, it can be used to personalize offers and contents on the website or in emails.

Behavioral data collection raises privacy issues as it is not always transparent for web users.


Hence, this concludes the definition of Behavioral Data along with its overview.

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