Dialing and Smiling

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Definition: Dialing and Smiling

A telemarketing technique in which cold calls are made to potential clients of a business or service using a positive tone of voice. They try to start a good rapport with the potential customer to make them listen and try to convince them.

Even though this started well in marketing to collect data and connect to potential clients, it gained negative feedback.

Dialing and smiling can be related to the stock market context, where sales people have to be really optimistic while selling financial products to customers. The context becomes more relevant as financial products carry a certain degree of risks along with them, and it becomes challenging to convince the prospective customer / client to purchase the product or invest their own money.

Sometimes cold calling is done for market research and many other purposes. So cold calling need not mean that a telemarketer. The person who makes the call just need to be prepared before making the call.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Dialing and Smiling along with its overview.


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