Buying Cycle

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Definition: Buying Cycle

The buying cycle is a process in which a customer or a company buys a product or service after a specific period of time. It can also be defined as the process a customer undergoes before buying/renewing a product as per the requirements.

It has different meanings for different scenarios. In B2C, it may be the steps a customer undertakes before purchasing a product. 

Buying Cycle might be triggered because the product needs to replenished or it may be the case that the old product is no longer good enough for the customer so needs to replace it with a new one.

For Example, a shampoo or a soap for family every month. 

Now the soap may remain of the same company or brand or it may change as per marketing efforts of competitor.

Similarly for a B2B company lets say a Computer manufacturer, a piece of hardware may be ordered every few days.

Hence, this concludes the definition of Buying Cycle along with its overview.

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